Hi I'm CHELRY, but most people call me chelI draw CS art, comics, and idk other shit i like art ok
My main project is a Cyberpunk comic called Redd
page one is here
i own a species called kovanath

i dont have a dni or anything, i get to know people before i decide whether or not theyre a person i shouldnt interact withunless youre like, a creep, NFT person, or a scammer in which case save yourself the time and dont bother


comics / manga

  • dorohedoro

  • beastars

  • scott pilgrim

video games

  • no mans sky

  • subnautica (and below zero)

  • terraria

  • fnaf

  • okami

general interests

  • computer science

  • programming

  • web design

  • comics


  • blue stahli

  • poppy

  • dr. steel

  • muse

  • radiohead

  • metric

  • qotsa

  • danimal cannon

visual artists

  • q hayashida

  • paru itagaki

  • radiomaru

  • vanripper

  • jhonen vasquez


♢ here's where you can find me and my art ♢