Hi I'm CHELRY, but most people call me chel

I draw CS art, comics, and idk other shit i like art ok

quick advice

things get easier if you stop worrying about what's cringe or what's not cringe or whatever and just fuckin be not an asshole
the only cringe is when you're a cunt

Any further info about me is nunya

i dont have a dni or anything, i get to know people before i decide whether or not theyre a person i shouldnt interact with

unless youre like, a creep or a scammer in which case save yourself the time and dont bother



  • dorohedoro

  • beastars

  • scott pilgrim

  • borderlands

  • terraria

  • no mans sky

  • subnautica

  • fnaf

  • nintendo stuff

  • seriously i go nuts for like. mario and zelda

general interests

  • poultry

  • computer science

  • comic art

  • edgy shit

  • sci-fi

  • the color red (no shit)

  • cats


  • blue stahli

  • poppy

  • k. flay

  • dr. steel

  • the scary jokes

  • creature feature

  • the neighbourhood

  • muse

  • the living tombstone

  • 100 gecs

design prefs

  • edgy

  • dark colors

  • dark + neons

  • neons

  • sci-fi and Cyberpunk

  • alien

  • horroresque

  • strawberries

  • red, pink, black

  • robots

  • sparkly shit

  • sparkledog shit

  • i like a lot of stuff honestly i like MANY designs


♢ here's where you can find me and my art ♢